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San Antonio, TX

A Bit of Background

The San Antonio Texas Charter a.k.a. the ALAMO CREW CHARTER (ACC) of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club (IOMC) was formed by a group of like-minded men committed to brotherhood, community, patriotism and a passion for riding motorcycles.
The IOMC ACC is an independent non-territorial motorcycle club consisting of members from all walks of life. We respect clubs that respect us. As an MC, we mind our own business and expect others to do the same. We are not a "cop club" or "1%ers", but we run our MC by the same rules established 60 years ago by the first motorcycle clubs. As a result, we've quietly become the largest independent MC in the world with chapters in 45 states, 10 countries and a strong brotherhood between us all.
We welcome any biker to consider membership into our club. Participation in our MC is considered a privilege, to be a member is an honor. Our brothers are non-criminal bikers who participate in regular club rides, community events, "bike night", a monthly meeting, club parties... and we like to have a good time! Our invitation includes participating in charter rides and functions. This involvement allows us an opportunity to get to know you better, understand your reasons to join our MC, and if we are the right motorcycle club for you.



The Iron Order Motorcycle Club does not invite just any man to join our brotherhood. You must work hard to gain our trust and learn what it means to wear our patch. The first step is to become a Hang-Around. During this time you will get to know the Brothers and Maidens of the Alamo Crew Charter.  Prospecting takes a different amount of time for each man depending on the amount of effort they are able to dedicate to the club. This includes attending weekly bike nights, traveling to Iron Order events and working on various tasks with Brothers and other Prospects.
Upon becoming a Prospect the duties you are expected to perform are not demeaning, cruel or illegal. However, unlike being a Hang-Around you ARE EXPECTED to carry out these duties. These tasks are used to build a bond and a knowledge that you can be trusted with the gift of brotherhood. You will be required to work at Iron Order events, both at the Alamo Crew Charter and surrounding charters. You will also be expected to help maintain the Alamo Crew Charter clubhouse and motorcycles, or you may simply be asked to do what you can to help out a Brother in need. In the end, you will have the complete trust of your Brothers and a special gift that can last a life-time.

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